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Flotation Benefit



Float Deep to Reboot Your Body

Floatation has been around since the 1950’s and was used solely for experimentation. When researchers found the benefits that it resulted in, rudimentary pods were fabricated. Floatation pods today are light and soundproof. The technical term for this is floatation rest: restricted environmental stimulation therapy. The salinity and in turn buoyancy is brought about by Epsom salts, that heals and revitalizes the skin by expelling toxins and enhancing joint recovery.

The buoyancy experienced in the isolation pod leads to an almost zero gravity feel. It is the best form of therapy for people who lead hectic stressful schedules and for athletes, allowing both their minds and bodies to heal from fatigue naturally.

Revisiting your natural state of bliss

Floatation takes the pressure off your physical body, giving your mind the freedom to let loose and just think or not think at all. With no external stimuli, anything you see or hear is a state of your mind, insight, an almost meditative experience.

Broaden your Intellectual Horizon

Isolated from external disturbances, the mind tends to become sharper post a floatation session. When the body is relaxed, the mind relaxes and this leads to true rest of the senses. After 3 sessions in 3 weeks, we have found this to be true, we encourage you to come and try this for yourselves.


Rapid relief from stress

Mental stress is known to be the main cause of a majority of illnesses. Prolonged stress leads to elevated cortisol levels, which has adverse effects on your health. Floatation allows you to escape into deep relaxation by blocking the elements that your senses are constantly bombarded by. With each additional float, you experience a dip in stress levels and considerable improvement in overall health.

Improved mental balance and clarity

As your mind is freed from external disturbances, the ability to focus increases. Your mind is induced into an altered state of consciousness. This is very similar to meditation and sleep but this state is a lot easier to achieve through floating.

Better brain synchronization and overall personal growth

Research has shown improved coordination and interaction between the right (creative) and left (analytical) lobes of the brain post a floating session. Such synchronization leads to higher performance and productivity, and a greater degree of confidence and wholeness.

Boost problem-solving ability and creativity

As you float, you enter the “theta” state, in which the right hemisphere of the brain is activated rapidly. In this state, it is believed that your imagination, creativity, and analytical abilities are greatly enhanced.


Goodbye to aches and pains

Floatation increases the secretion of Endorphins – the natural painkiller. Float away to get rid of aches and pains, worklife stress, anxiety, and depression. Your blood circulation is greatly enhanced, which in turn improves immunity levels and tissue and muscle repair. Floatation minimises the effect of gravity, which enhances recovery of inflamed or strained muscles.

Improved cardiovascular performance

High concentration of Epsom salt (magnesium sulfate) in the floatation tank leads to its absorption through skin and hair. A mild dosage of magnesium helps improve cardiovascular function, regulating blood pressure and cardiac rhythm.

Athletics and Floating

Enhance athletic performance through floatation, endurance and weight training complemented with floatation has shown very interesting results. Your central nervous system gears up for “perfect performance” with every floatation session. Every muscle that is stressed and strained as a result of the training recovers in nearly half the time taken without floatation.

Skin detox and deep pore nourishment

Epsom salts have an amazing effect on your skin, it sedates the nervous system, relaxes the muscles, expels soreness from the skin. Magnesium is a natural moisturizer that imparts a natural glow to your skin. Regulation of insulin and improvement of nerve function are the other benefits of the Epsom salt used in the floatation tanks.




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